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IMG_8749a IMG_8750a

18th Pomorski lancers regiment badge

IMG_8363a IMG_8364

5th Zaslawski lancers regiment badge

IMG_8365a IMG_8366

11th Legion Lancers Regiment of Marshal Smigly-Rydz

IMG_8367a IMG_8368

1oth Infantry regiment badge

IMG_8369a IMG_8370

Wolyn Cross with swords badge

IMG_8371a IMG_8372

75th Infantry Regiment badge type 1

IMG_8373a IMG_8374

75th Infantry Regiment badge type 2

IMG_8375a IMG_8376

Lithuanian – White Russian front (the War against Soviet Union)


21st Infantry Regiment badge

IMG_8379a IMG_8380

22nd Carpathian lancers regiment badge

IMG_8381a IMG_8382

1st Survey artillery regiment badge