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15 Responses to “Feedback”

  • Artus Bertrand:

    very nice site.
    Keep on..!

  • Seriozitate maxima ! Recomand !

  • IENCY:

    frumos, placut, inteligent…

  • Kevin A. Ryan:

    Great Website,

    with a great selection of very interesting items, by the way, the Bugle for the Ulster Regiment is connected to the „Ulster University” in Australia, I will try and find out more information with regards this item for you.


  • Roman Tabacek:

    Very interesting web with many nice items. 100% reliability. I can only recommend !

  • Va multumesc pentru colaborare! Toate piesele au ajuns la timp si in bune conditii, exact cum sunt descrise pe site. Recomand tuturor celor interesati de medalistica sa colaboreze cu incredere cu dvs.

  • Cristian Ciuplea:

    Eine Internetseite, die mich positiv überrascht hat.

    Vielen Dank für die Sendung mit den schönen Stücken.

    Weiterhin viel Erfolg !

    Cristian Ciuplea

  • Daniel Nan:

    Felicitarile mele – pentru frumoasa colectie;
    Aprecierile mele – pentru colaborare.

  • Peter B.:

    Thank for our cooperation, I am very satisfied. I recommend to all.

  • Loretto:

    Dear Nic,

    your Service is perfekt
    your medals too

    and it is a pleasure to communicate with you.
    A really true friend..
    hard to find such truely persons !!

    Wishing you all the best and we will stay in contact

    Best regards

  • Sergey Kazeka:

    I thank God and the case that helped me find you.
    You helped me find the badges that I’ve been looking for.
    Thank you for what you have and help people like me.
    Good luck to you.
    You are doing useful work.
    More to these people.

  • IONEL I.:

    Buna ziua ,

    Sincere felicitari pt frumoasa colectie , dar si pt profesionala informatie despre fiecare piesa !

    Cu stima ,


  • Costin D.:

    More than an enthusiast, you are professional.I an glad to met you.Thank you!
    Mai mult decat un entuziast, esti un profesionist! Ma bucur ca ne-am intalnit. Multumesc!

  • Boboc Matei:

    Tocmai am gasit acest site si pot spune cu mana pe inima ca esti un profesionost.Am cautat de mult timp sa identific insigna regimentala (reg I transmisiuni)a stra-bunicului si am fost mai mult decat surprins cand am vazut cate insigne regimentale exista.Asemenea medaliilor si ordinelor de aici,sper ca si site-ul dvs. va ramane in istorie!!

  • Eusebiu K.:

    Sincere felicitări pentru întreaga colecție pe care o dețineți! Este o enciclopedie în adevăratul sens al cuvântului! Mult succes în continuare!

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