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Miniaturi / Miniatures

Czechoslovakia / Cehoslovacia – Order of the White Lion Grand Cross / Ordinul Leul Alb in grad de Mare Cruce

Italy / Italia – Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus Grand Officer / Ordinul Sf. Mauriciu si Sf. Lazar in grad de Mare Ofiter

France / Franta – Legion d’Honneur Commander / Legiunea de Onoare in grad de Comandor

IMG_7897 IMG_7898

France / Franta – Ordre Merite Agricole / Ordinul Meritul Agricol – aur cu diamante

IMG_0294a IMG_0295a

Russia / Rusia – Order of St. Anne – civil division / Ordinul Sf. Ana – civil

IMG_0296a IMG_0298a

Russia / Rusia – Order of St. Stanislaus – civil division / Ordinul Sf. Stanislav – civil

IMG_6892 IMG_6894

Russia / Rusia – Order of St. Stanislaus – military division / Ordinul Sf. Stanislav – militar

IMG_6945 IMG_6950

Russia / Rusia – Order of St. Stanislaus – civil division / Ordinul Sf. Stanislav- civil


Russia / Rusia – St. George Order / Ordinul Sf. Gheorghe

IMG_7931 IMG_7932

Russia / Rusia – St. George Cross / Crucea Sf. Gheorghe

IMG_0299a IMG_0301a

Russia / Rusia – Commemorating reign of Alexander III medal / Medalia comemorativa a domniei lui Alexandru al III-lea


Russia – 300 years of Romanov Dinasty Medal / Medalia 300 de ani a dinastiei Romanov

IMG_9606 IMG_9607

Russia – Medal to Commemorate the Centennial of the Napoleonic War 1812 / Medalia comemorativa a centenarului Razboaielor Napoleoneene

IMG_5838 IMG_5839

Russia / Rusia  – Medal for efforts in general mobilization of 1914 – last medal of the Russian Empire / Medalia pentru merite in  mobilizarea generala din 1914 – ultima medalie emisa in Imperiul Tarist.

Lant miniaturi WWI – Franta, Romania si Grecia – Ordre Legion d’Honneur – Chevallier (argent), cavaler (piesa de argint, marcata); Croix de la Guerre 1914-18 cu spade, Croix du Combattant, Medaille de la Victoire Interalliee, Medaille Commemorative 1914-18, Ordinul „Coroana Romaniei”, ofiter, Medalia Meritul Comercial – clasa 1a,  Ordinul Phoenix – ofiter (piesa de argint, marcata).

Miniatures chain WWI – Germany, Austria, Turkey / Lant de miniaturi WWI (Primul Razboi Mondial) – Germania, Austria, Turcia,

German Empire – Sachsen – Albrechts-Orden, Ritter Kreuz 2. Klasse; Friedrich August- Medaille, Eiserne Kreuz;  Germania – Saxonia – Ordinul Albrecht, cruce de cavaler, clasa a 2 a, Medalia Friedrich August, Crucea de Fier (1876-1918)

German Empire – Hohenzollern – House Order of the Hohenzollern ( Ruling House Order )


Poland / Polonia – Cross for Merit 1st class / Crucea pentru merit clasa 1a

Belgium – Civic Decoration – second class. This medal was instituted by LeopoldII and was awarded to civil sevants who had worked for a minimum of 25 years. This is the 1st class (gold) cross. This is a relatively new issue of the gold cross. These medals are identical on both sides. / Belgia – Decoratia Civica – clasa a 2 a

Belgium – Croix de Guerre Association / Belgia – Asociatia Crucea de Razboi

Belgium / Belgia – Professional Union Medal

Belgium – King Albert Commemorative Medal WWII / Belgia – Medalia Comemorativa a Regelui Albert

Belgium / Belgia – 6e Batallion de fusiliers Medal WWII

Belgum – The Front Coss 1914-1918. The order was introduced the 6th Feb 1934. Awarded to those wounded or those that performed an act of courage in WWI. This is „small canon” version – designer A.Rombat (signature at reverse side).There are three version of the medal. / Belgia – Crucea de Front 1914-1916

Belgium – Order of Leopold II, 2nd class / Belgia – Ordinul Leopold II, clasa a 2a

Belgium – Le Front de l’Independace Medal WWII / Belgia – Medalia Frontul Independentei

Belgium – WW2 Commemorative Medal for Political Prisoniers  / Belgia – Medalia Prizonierilor Politici din al 2-lea Razboi Mondial

Italy / Italia – Victory Medal / Medalia „Victoria”

IMG_7933 IMG_7934

France / Franta – Victory Medal / Medalia Victoria

U.S.A. / S.U.A. – Air Force Medal / Medalia Fortelor aeriene

Slovakia – WW II –  War Victory Cross badge / Slovacia – Crucea Victoriei Razboiului

Slovakia – WW II –  War Victory Cross badge / Slovacia – Crucea Victoriei Razboiului

Germania – Al 3 lea Reich, miniatura Crucea Mamei Germane, clasa a 3 a

Germania – WWI – Crucea Hindemburg